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What are the types of retinal detachment ?

What are the types of retinal detachment ? Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment This is defined as the presence of a hole or break in the retina that allows fluid from the vitreous capacity to enter the subretinal space. It usually occurs spontaneously in those who have a predisposition to it following trauma to the eye or after intra-ocular surgery. Most of these patients develop symptoms. A break in the peripheral retina is associated with a sudden burst of flashing lights or sparks that may be followed by small floaters or spots in the field of vision. When the retina detaches, the patient perceives a dark curtain progressing across the visual field, and when the fovea detaches central vision is abruptly diminished.It is treated surgically with a scleral buckling procedure (where all retinal breaks are localized and adhesions between the choroid and retina are performed around the break with diathermy or a cryoprobe). After draining the subretinal fluid, the detached portion of the

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