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What do you know about holiday heart syndrome ?

What do you know about holiday heart syndrome ? It is the occurrence of supraventricnlar arrhythmias, usually atrial fibrillation anti atrial flutter, folk)wing an acute alcoholic binge in chronic alcoholics. These are usually transient. It was James Mackenzie, a Scottish general practitioner working in Burnley, England, utilizing an ink-polygraph to record and label jugular venous pulses, who pioneered the deciphering of normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms. His key observation that the jugular 'a' wave disappeared in a patient who went from a normal to an irregular rhythm provided the first insight into the mechanism of atrial fibrillation. In 1924, Willem Einthoven (1860-1927) of Leyden University, The Netherlands, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the mechanism of electrocardiography (Am J CardJo11994; 7:]: 384-9). In 1909, Lewis in England and Rothberger and Winterberg in Vienna, taking advantage of Einthoven's newly developed string galvanometer, were

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