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What is the role of primary angioplasty in acute infarction ?

What is the role of primary angioplasty in acute infarction ?  Angioplasty results in both lower mortality rates and a reduction in the incidence of recurrent ischaemic events. Also, angioplasty is associated with lower enzyme rise, better left ventricular function, and less reinfarction. Angioplasty led to shorter hospital stay, fewer re-admissions and lower follow-up costs. However, the major limitation of this approach is the access to both facilities and personnel to carry out the procedure. Angioplasty should be considered in patients who have recognized contra-indications to thrombolysis (even if this means transferring the patient) or who are considered high risk and present with their infarction to a hospital where angio-plasty can be performed. Patients who have received thrombolysis and who seem on clinical grounds (reduction in maximal ST segment elevation by 50% and resolution of chest pain) not to have reperfused at 90-minute review should be seriously considered for res

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